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6 Reasons Why you should have a personal website



CV & Resume Templates

Build the Website of your Dreams

Due to the ever changing landscape of technology, many processes that we’re accustomed to have drastically transformed or become outdated. One such process – applying for a job. The days of personally delivering your printed resume to your desired workplace are long gone (like, way long gone). And trying to fit all your education, skills and experience into one page is close behind it.


Considering that you are constantly acquiring new skills and qualifications – you need a resume that you can update and share at any given moment. On top of that, potential employers should also be able to find you online with a quick search of your name. Having a well-designed that conveys your personality sends a clear message to recruiters that you are serious about your career.


In order to get you going on your path to professional success, we’ve broken down the steps on how to make your very own resume website:


  1. Choose your resume website template

  2. Add a professional picture of yourself

  3. Add the relevant sections

  4. Add in the small details

  5. Optimize for SEO

  6. Make sure you’re mobile-friendly

  7. Ask for a second opinion

  8. Publish and track

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